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  prasket 190cb3db40 updated README to reflect new of home of the project 5 months ago
  prasket 1ae526be61 Merge pull request 'kc-covid19-zipcode' (#2) from kc-covid19-zipcode into main 5 months ago
  prasket e7addb2e6c set ssl to require on db connection 5 months ago
  prasket 00c5d345b1 removed the work on filte for now, cleaned up files and repo structure. This branch is complete and ready to be merged into main. Also releasing this version to the site. 5 months ago
  prasket 02d2606570 fixed the local filter option in api 5 months ago
  prasket fe174441a2 updated README 5 months ago
  prasket b6ef797e27 setup method to pass in secrets better than having them in plain text, will be using Hashicorp Vault for secrets long term. 5 months ago
  prasket 94b194c46f modified load.py to look in source_data folder and created two more date csv 5 months ago
  prasket 9c947d35d4 added file to gitignore 5 months ago
  prasket ed5e157e03 getting data returned from database, found neat option/trick in postgres using row_as_json(tablename) in select statement. Returning the json rows throws an error, but using jsonify makes results return a row inside a row. Need to figure that out. 5 months ago
  prasket ec8b0cdd3c new source data file 5 months ago
  prasket a189bafc0c adding more data and deleting source data from gitignore. 6 months ago
  prasket f80d135d34 adding some docs and source files 6 months ago
  prasket 812de9cad9 added first filtering feature of API, and made the testing data look like what the data in DB will once that is completed. 6 months ago
  prasket df29445f89 created initial api.py and modified initial table creation and load to have primary key id and date loaded fields. 6 months ago
  prasket f6703f3510 Merge pull request 'Initial Push' (#1) from inital into main 6 months ago
  prasket 7985acbfd8 README setup with development instructions, using postgresql for datastore, info on setting that up. Script to create first king county zip table. 6 months ago
  prasket 1d127107a0 Initial commit 6 months ago