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  prasket 89e16fce60 Merge branch 'changelog' 1 year ago
  prasket bc12d541dd changelog prints at end but is much too long, need to figure out how to trim it down to last release or two 1 year ago
  prasket 97bc727df5 Add LICENSE 1 year ago
  prasket 55aed4dbe8 updates to README 1 year ago
  prasket a4ae6d965b Merge branch 'suggestions' into 'master' 1 year ago
  prasket abd75b6cfa Merge branch 'master' into 'suggestions' 1 year ago
  prasket 01eb035db9 Merge branch 'wow_path_fix' into 'master' 1 year ago
  prasket 9914f18a17 making some suggestions from a friend, found what looks to be a bug around long arg --wow_path, maybe?? I will test more and get some others input. 1 year ago
  prasket 48b2cfb101 trying to figure out why --wow_path doesnt work 1 year ago
  prasket 1ad58dcb7a added wow_path to output message 1 year ago
  prasket f6b15872db removed unneeded update_version printout that I was using for debugging 1 year ago
  prasket 613bdba654 correct case per default Blizzard for AddOns. 1 year ago
  prasket aec8645fa6 removed bs temp files and implemented change using bs4 to grab version number from website. 1 year ago
  prasket 738a17a8f5 learning BeautifulSoup4 1 year ago
  prasket d1ec5d1ac8 fixed wow_path and added comments about for macos and cleaned up tabs to spaces. 1 year ago
  prasket 9880b5d2d3 updated readme 1 year ago
  prasket e6ff7ae214 added error handling on 404 of download, default wow_path and comment to this, wow_path works now as well 1 year ago
  prasket d3d69d457e working on parameterizing update version and install path, issues with install path passing wow_path 1 year ago
  prasket f151c2a160 download file with static variables 1 year ago
  prasket da92b70947 initial checkin of Pipefile setting up 3.6 python 1 year ago
  prasket 4f86d26ec3 Initial commit 1 year ago